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PR: “Today” Show on NBC Features Oxyfresh ProductsPR: “Today” Show on NBC Features Oxyfresh Products

May 30, 2008

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COEUR d’ALENE, Idaho — It may be invisible, but it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. Bad breath can ruin a date, spoil a job interview and make friends scarce. In the age-old pursuit to find remedies for obnoxious oral odors, the “Today” show recently produced a health segment highlighting the best products to combat bad breath, also known as halitosis.

Oxyfresh mouthwashes were among a handful of products selected to be included in the piece, titled “Beating Bad Breath.” Nearly 6 million viewers across the country see the top-rated morning show every day.

The “Today” show interviewed Gary Herskovits, a Brooklyn, New York, dentist. Dr. Herskovits emphasized the effectiveness of Oxyfresh’s proprietary odor-fighting ingredient, Oxygene®, in fighting bad breath. Oxygene® actually neutralizes the volatile sulfur compounds responsible for bad breath, rather than masking the odors with alcohol.

Dr. Herskovits told viewers mouthwashes containing alcohol actually compound bad breath by drying the mouth and allowing odor-causing bacteria to multiply. All five of Oxyfresh’s alcohol-free mouthwashes are clear and non-staining and have been supporting the whitest smiles for 25 years.


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