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Oxyfresh Featured in Tails & Toy’s 6 Must-Have Pet Dental ProductsOxyfresh Featured in Tails & Toy’s 6 Must-Have Pet Dental Products

Oxyfresh - 6 Must Have Pet-Dental Products Dental Spray Eliminate Cat and Dog BreathTails & Toys has featured Oxyfresh’s Pet Dental Spray in their 6 Must-Have Dental Products article.

Along with 5 other innovative products, Pet Dental Spray helps to fight back against plaque and bad breath, named as one of the best ways to combat oral diseases and attribute to overall pet dental health.

“This convenient spray gently neutralizes bad pet breath. It’s free from flavors and harmful ingredients like clove oil, green tea, alcohol and harsh chemicals, and formulated to help prevent gum disease. It doesn’t mask odors; the patented blend of Oxygene® and zinc safely eliminates bacteria at the source.”

Find Oxyfresh Pet Dental Spray and a complete line of premium pet care products at oxyfresh.com.

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