#ILOVEOXYFRESH Giveaway - Oxyfresh

Get ready kids, our FRESH NEW look is about to drop
To celebrate this EXCITING OCCASION we are doing a contest!

Our Oxyfresh Tribe has supported us for the past 34 years,
We want to thank you all!

Enter the contests below for a chance to get your hands (or paws)
on our NEW packaging with
the SAME game-changing formula!



Oxyfresh started the way all great things start: We had an idea.

An idea to create products with ingredients you can always feel good about. Products that don’t need to cut corners.

Products that matter … to the weekend warriors, athletes, superhero parents and YOU … and of course our favorite furry and feathered friends. That is our mission.


1. Treat Yo’self Giveaway

Maybe your pride yourself on your fabulous smile or you take pride in your bangin’ bod …

No matter where you’re at, you do you and we love you for it!


Our AWARD WINNING Dental Line:

Our AWARD WINNING dental line is powered with Oxygene®: a brilliant, safe, non-toxic ingredient that neutralizes bad breath and pesky odors on a molecular level. Nerd Alert: Most smells (like bad breath and pet odors) are caused by these pesky little guys known as “volatile sulfur compounds” or VSC’s for short. Oxygene® gently and naturally dissolves the bonds of these sulfur compounds, completely eliminating bad smells at their source – instead of masking them.

  • Essential oil infused to soothe gums
  • Low abrasion to protect enamel
  • Oxygene and Zinc to eliminate bad breath at its source
  • Dye free to keep your smile bright
  • Alcohol free no burn formula

All of our AWESOME toothpastes:

  • Pro-Formula Fresh Mint
  • Fresh Breath Lemon Mint
  • Cavity Protection Fresh Mint with Fluoride

All of our Amazing 16 oz Mouthwashes:

  • Gentle Formula
  • Fresh Breath Mint
  • Pro-Formula Fresh Mint
  • Fresh Breath Lemon Mint
  • Cavity Protection Fresh Mint

Plus all this:

  • Brush Picks
  • Health Toothbrush
  • Pro-Relief Dental Gel
  • Super Relief Dental Gel
  • Oolitt Elite Tongue Scraper
  • Oolitt Tongue Scraper Original

That’s not allllll …

Enjoy our superfood nutritional products (they’re the Beyonce of nutrition),
we focus on core nutritional needs by using the best ingredients
available that work at the cellular level to give you an awesome vibe,
feed your mind and fuel your body.

  • Stimulant free energy
  • Sugar free formulas
  • Ingredients you FEEL good about and results result
  • Plant based
  • Made in the USA
  • Proven to WORK

You’ll feel … like you’ve got more pep in your step and a smile on your face.

  • Mind
  • Motion
  • Vitality Packets
  • Vitality Capsules
  • Vanilla Vibe Meal Replacement Shake
  • Chocolate Vibe Meal Replacement Shake

WHAT?!?! We aren’t messing around!

Don’t forget you can enter EVERY day!

$400 Value

2.Tail Wagger Giveaway

We love your fur-babies as much as you do! Which is why we have the ultimate pet line.
Treat that special friend of yours to high quality pet products that nourish their coat, fuel their body with USDA grade proteins and tame that bad breath for the best pet kisses in the universe. You’ll thank us later!

  • High quality ingredients you feel good about
  • Versatile for ALL pets
  • Made in USA
  • Happy owners, Happy pets

This INSANELY PAWESOME package includes:

  • Pet Gel
  • Pet Treats
  • Pet Ear Cleaner
  • Pet Deodorizer
  • Pet Shampoo
  • Fresh Breath Water Additive

TIMES 3!!!!

Yep, you have a chance to win all of those, give a set to a friend or keep them for yourself and your fur-babe, after all you deserve it!That isn’t it, we are sure you want a little something for yourself too, so we’ve included
$150 Oxyfresh Shop Credit so you can treat yo’self too!$400 Value



Contest ends: July 31st at 11:59 PST

You can enter EVERY day! So don’t miss out!

Peace, Love, Oxyfresh!

Your Oxyfresh Tribe