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Post Oral Surgery Care

Dos & Don'ts of Oral Surgery Aftercare

If you’re feeling like oral surgery was the easy part, we hear you loud and clear! Sometimes it’s the aftercare from tooth extractions, wisdom teeth woes, and other dental procedures that cause us the most stress and discomfort.

From pain to tooth sensitivity to bacteria buildup, you want speedy relief, fresh breath and a fast recovery time.

Don’t Lie Flat. While you may just want to conk out after surgery, resist the urge to crawl into bed and lie flat. It’s important to prop yourself up in a recliner chair for a few hours after surgery to keep pressure from building up in the face, which could cause unnecessary bleeding and swelling.

Do Ice Within the First 24 Hours. Swelling is normal after oral surgery. Often, you won’t notice the swelling until the following day, and in the case of tooth extractions, swelling is the worst on day 3. The only way to reduce the swelling on day 3 is to use ice packs immediately in your home care.

Apply two baggies filled with ice (frozen peas also work great) to the sides of the face where your surgery was performed. An easy way to apply ice packs is to use a hooded sweatshirt. Put the hood over your head and slide the ice packs inside against the face. Cinch it up and you’ll be good to go. You can also use a scarf if that’s easier for you. Leave the ice packs on until your face is cold to the touch.

Do Skip the Straw. If you’ve had a tooth extraction, avoid drinking through a straw for at least one week, as the sucking action could dislodge a blood clot in the tooth socket.

Don’t Eat Hard & Spicy Foods. For the first couple days after oral surgery, you may only be able to manage soft or liquid foods like yogurt, pudding, Jell-O, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, broth (lukewarm) and applesauce. You can gradually eat firmer foods as you start to feel better. Hard, chewy or spicy foods should be avoided as they can get stuck in your tooth socket or sting your oral wounds.

Do Put Your Spandex Away. You may be a fitness fanatic, but post-oral surgery is a time to take it easy. Avoid vigorous exercise for at least a week after surgery to avoid dislodging a blood clot in the tooth socket.

Don’t Use Nicotine. Avoid nicotine (both cigarettes and chewing tobacco) for at least 2 full days post-surgery. This can delay the healing process and up your risk of infection.

Do Use Mouthwash. Swishing with mouthwash will help to keep the surgery area clean from debris and food, speed up healing time, and reduce your risk of infection. Be gentle. No vigorous swishing until you’re healed. It’s important to use an alcohol-free mouthwash so that it doesn’t sting or burn when you swish.


2 Mouthwashes Perfect for Oral Surgery Aftercare

Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Mouthwash: This dentist-recommended mouthwash from Oxyfresh is alcohol-free for no sting or burn and contains soothing Aloe vera to speed up the healing process post-surgery. Sweetened with xylitol to inhibit plaque buildup and powered by Oxygene® to neutralize odors as your mouth heals.

If it’s poor oral care that landed you in the dental chair in the first place, you’ll be pleased to know that Oxyfresh Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Mouthwash was proven to beat store brands in improving the gum health of patients with severe gum disease. See the study here. 

Gentle Formula Unflavored Mouthwash: No flavors or sweeteners of any kind. This is a great mouthwash choice if you’re allergic to or simply don’t like the taste of mint. Helps to prevent dry socket post-surgery and keep bacteria at bay. Oxygene® freshens the breath for 6 hours at a time.


Oxyfresh At-Home Dental Products for Post Oral Surgery Care

Pro Relief Dental Gel: A must-have dental product if your mouth has undergone any sort of trauma, from wisdom teeth removal to denture fittings to nasty canker sores. Oxyfresh Pro Relief Dental Gel contains a healing combination of Aloe vera, zinc, and folic acid to soothe, condition, and aid in tissue growth and nutrient absorption of the gums. A favorite product of dentists! More information...

Super Relief Fluoride Dental Gel: Finding that your teeth are super sensitive post-surgery? Oxyfresh Super Relief Dental Gel with fluoride will reduce tooth sensitivity, strengthen the enamel, protect your gums, and give your smile cavity-fighting protection. With Oxygene® to neutralize bacteria and bad breath. More information...

Pro Formula Toothpaste: This is one of the world’s lowest abrasion toothpastes, with an RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasion) rating of only 45. Low-abrasion is important as your mouth recovers from surgery. And long term, it protects your teeth from erosion. Most store-brands are in the 100s or 200s! Check out a ratings list of store brands here. Flavored with soothing and cooling natural peppermint oil for extra TLC as your mouth heals from surgery. More information...

Fresh Breath Lemon Mint Toothpaste: One of the biggest problems facing dental patients post-surgery is dry mouth.This refreshing toothpaste flavored with a zesty blend of natural essential oils (lemon, orange, grapefruit, bergamot, lime and spearmint) is just what the dentist ordered to prevent dry mouth and its accompanying bad breath. SLS-free, saccharin free, dye-free and powered by Oxygene® to neutralize bad breath for hours at a time. More information...

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