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Pet Shampoo

Bath Time

Rub a dub dub … does your pet need to get in the tub? Even the most cautious pets can get themselves into stinky situations, like on the losing end of a skunk encounter. Use Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo to freshen up the situation!

With a dizzying array of pet shampoos out there, how do you know which one is best for your pet?

You want a pet shampoo that’s gentle, safe, and proven to wipe out nasty odors, fast.

Is that too much to ask of a pet shampoo? The pet lovers here at Oxyfresh don’t think so.


7 Pet Bathing Tips

1. Start bathing your pet at a young age to make it an accepted part of your pet’s grooming routine.

2. Make sure the water is lukewarm … not too hot and not too cold. As Goldilocks would say, it needs to be “just right.”

3. Avoid getting water in the eyes and ears. Water trapped in the ear can be a catalyst for yeast growth and ear infections.

4. Praise your pet throughout the bathing process and don’t overly restrain your pet, which will make your pet feel threatened.

5. Give your pet a treat afterward so that your pet always associates bath time with something good coming his way.

6. Dry your pet thoroughly after each bath, and if your pet will allow, use the blow dryer on a low heat setting.

7. Be prepared for “wild” behavior. If you notice your pet has an extra spring in his step after bath time, smile and enjoy it. Pets feel happy when they’re clean!


Ingredients to Avoid in Pet Shampoos


Roses are red, violets are blue … avoid these colors in your pet shampoo. While bright colors are pretty to look at, they’re best left for the masterpieces that adorn your walls and refrigerator.

Dyes are linked to several types of cancer and can irritate your pet’s coat and skin. What color should a pet shampoo naturally be? Opaque white or a very light yellow. (Seriously, your pet doesn’t care about the color of the shampoo, only about getting squeaky clean.)

Artificial Fragrance

Many store-brand pet shampoos try to mask odors with artificial fragrances. What’s the stink about this? Artificial fragrance is just a potpourri of chemicals, including phthalates. (You won’t see these chemicals listed on the label because fragrance formulas are protected under trade secret law.) 

Phthalates are chemicals linked to reproductive effects, liver and kidney damage … not good for pets or their people. Why are they in shampoos? Phthalates bond the scent to the soap base, making the “yummy smell” last longer.

The best pet shampoos will have an ingredient that neutralizes odors at a molecular level.


Alcohol is a main ingredient in many pet shampoos. The problem is … alcohol stings and burns. Definitely not the “happy hour” your pet had in mind.



Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo is Delightfully Different

For over 30 years, USA-made Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo has been the go-to pet shampoo for groomers, veterinarians and pet owners.

This non-toxic, pH balanced conditioning formula is alcohol-free for no itch or irritation. And no harsh chemicals so you AND your pet can feel good about bath time. With silk amino acids for added moisture and shine, and a soft, “best in show” kind of coat.

Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo is perfect for all pets, including those with allergies. So safe and gentle, you could use every day if needed. More information...


Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo Wipes Out Odors Completely

Rather than artificial fragrances that only mask odors, Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo gets rid of pet odors completely. 

Our secret is Oxygene®, the safe non-toxic ingredient that you’ll only find in Oxyfresh formulas.

Oxygene® oxidizes (dissolves) odor-causing molecules at the source, leaving your pet clean and fresh smelling … naturally.

So powerful, it even neutralizes skunk odors! More information...

With the Oxygene® inside our hypoallergenic pet shampoo, you can count on your pet smelling fresher for longer periods of time.

Your pet deserves the best.

Give your pet the best shampoo, one that’s free of dyes, alcohol, and artificial fragrances. There are plenty of options out there. But none have the odor-neutralizing power of Oxygene®. That kind of goodness, you can only get from the pet lovers at Oxyfresh. Buy Now!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Oxyfresh has complete confidence in the excellence of its products.

That’s why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee (minus the cost of shipping) within 30 days of purchase if you’re not happy.