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Pet Deodorizer

Not All Deodorizers Are Created Equal

You always want your guests to feel welcome when they walk through your door. Unfortunately, pet odors can be downright uninviting.

Here’s what really stinks: because it’s human nature to become immune to our own smells, you may not even be aware of how bad your home smells.

Beware of buying air fresheners to fix your pet odor problem. These products only mask odors while polluting your indoor air. (Pet smell mixed with chemical scents = yuck!)

Get a safe, non-toxic pet deodorizer that neutralizes bad odors completely, leaving your home and everything in it blissfully odor-free.


7 Tips to Wipe Out Pet Odors

1. Wash the Dishes

Sometimes we’re so busy keeping up with our own pile of dishes that we forget about our pet’s dishes! Those dirty food bowls can really start to stink … and become a breeding ground for bacteria. If your pet eats wet food, washing the bowl every day is best. For dry food eaters, every few days should do the trick. And don’t forget the water bowl!

2. Change the Filters

Ever feel like your home is in a vicious cycle of fresh to stinky? It could be because you’re not changing your furnace and AC filters often enough. Airborne pet odors can get caught in the air filters, circulating those bad animal odors over and over again.

3. Add Green to Your Scene

Household plants aren’t just nice to look at … they can also detoxify the air and get rid of odors! Before you run out to your local garden nursery, you’ll want to do your homework to make sure the plants you select are non-toxic for pets. Check out the list of 11 detoxifying plants that are safe for pets.

4. Wash Bedding & Toys

Hair and debris can really start to make your pet’s bedding smell. Be sure to wash bedding once a week. Don’t forget the toys! These often-forgotten odor inducers should go into the washing machine on the gentle cycle whenever they start to smell a little funky.

5. Litter Box Lessons

For cats and rabbits that use a litter box, when you empty out the litter, dump it directly into the outside garbage rather than indoors to keep the odors down. Also, don’t just dump the litter and call it good. Thoroughly clean the litter box at least once a week. Use white or cider vinegar as a cleaning rinse. This is a convenient and inexpensive way to cut odors.

6. Bust Out the Baking Soda

Leave a box of baking soda out at all times as a natural way to absorb odors. You can also sprinkle baking soda wherever odors are a problem. Sprinkle and leave it to sit for a few hours. Overnight is best. Then vacuum it up. This can often be messy, but it is effective. 

7. Use an Animal Deodorizing Spray

In a perfect world, we’d all keep a clean house 24-7 to help with odor control. But this ISN’T a perfect world, and we’re all busy! So when you need a quick, convenient way to keep your home odor-free at all times, use a pet deodorizing spray.

No mess. No cleanup. Just spray and go.

Note: not all pet deodorizers are safe. Some have a potent mix of chemicals and fragrances that only mask odors while polluting your indoor air quality, giving your family members headaches, allergies and other symptoms.

Did you know? The average person’s home is 2-5 times more polluted than the outside air because of our love affair of air fresheners and other unsafe sprays.


Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer: The Safe, Non-Toxic Way to Get Rid of Pet Odors

Oxyfresh, the leader in premium pet care products for over 30 years, has a powerful, non-toxic pet deodorizing spray that quickly and completely neutralizes bad-smelling odors, leaving your home and everything in it awesomely odor-free! No harsh chemicals or fragrances.

Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer gets rid of bad pet odors wherever they lurk in your home: bedding, litter boxes, cages, kennels, carpets and more. So safe and gentle, you can even spray this animal deodorizer directly on your pet. More information...

Our secret to eliminating bad odors is Oxygene®. This is our exclusive odor-neutralizing ingredient that dissolves (oxidizes) odor-causing compounds on contact. Spray and the smell is gone. More information...


Even stubborn urine smells are no match for Oxygene®.

Oxygene® is safe, non-toxic, tasteless and odorless … great news for both the two-legged and four-legged members of your family!


Ready to Experience an Odor-Free Home?

Make sure your “Home Sweet Home” always stays that way with Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer. It’s a fresh and clean without harsh chemicals that you, your pets and your guests will love! Buy Now!

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