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Dog Shampoo

Why Does My Dog Stink … and What Should He Smell Like?

You love your dog, but that smell coming from his fur? Pee-yew!

A stinky dog can keep you from getting close to your pet and make it embarrassing when guests come over. (We can tell our dogs they’re stinky, but when other people make the same comment? Not OK!)

Is your dog’s stinky smell and dull, drab coat trying to tell you something?

Here’s a little secret: your dog isn’t supposed to smell like a bouquet of fresh-cut roses. Every dog should smell a little bit like … well, DOG! And, each dog has its own unique smell.

Certain smells are completely normal and can be kept to a minimum with regular bathing and care.

What’s Normal: Glands in the ears give off a light, yeasty smell. And while dogs don’t sweat like we do, they do give off a light perspiration from their paws and hair follicles. Dogs also produce oil, a vital component to healthy skin and fur. Every dog’s oil and perspiration has a distinct scent.

A “normal-smelling” dog will move into the STINK ZONE for obvious reasons like outdoor mischief or rolling in something nasty. Other causes of odor include skin infections (common for dogs with lots of folds in the skin), too dry of skin (common with dogs that are fed a diet high in starches, such as grain-based dog foods), and dogs with allergies, dental infections, ear infections or blocked anal glands.  


6 Tips for a Fresh-Smelling Dog & Healthy Coat

1. Pay Attention to the Paws

Fritos anyone? Many owners comment that their dogs’ paws smell like corn chips.That's because of the bacteria (Proteus or Pseudomonas) that live on dog paws and give off a yeasty smell. You can combat this snack-like smell by keeping the fur between the nails trimmed and giving the paws a good scrub.

2. Brush

Dirt, dander and allergens … all of these things can give your dog a stinky smell. Brush your dog’s coat every couple of days regardless of the length of your dog’s coat. This will distribute the natural oils needed for a healthy coat, slough off dead and dry skin, and give you both some stress relief, as brushing is a great way to relax and bond.

3. Wash the Bedding

If you don’t wash your dog’s bedding regularly, it can really start to stink. Every time your dog lies on the bed, that “dirty dog” smell is transferred right onto your pooch. How often should you wash your dog’s bedding? Every two weeks.

4. Give Fruits & Veggies

Your dog may argue that a biscuit or piece of jerky is the perfect dog treat … but when it comes to their smell, adding some fruits and veggies to the diet can really help. If dogs are unaccustomed to these foods, they may turn their noses up at first. Outsmart your dog by mixing the fruits and veggies in with his dry dog food. Find out which fruits and veggies are best and which to avoid. 

5. Employ a Quick Fix

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to give your stinky dog a bath, it’s time for a quick fix. You could sprinkle baking soda on your dog, but let’s be honest … that’s just messy! And when you’re already in a rush, cleaning up a mess is not what you have in mind.

Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer is a non-toxic, fast acting dog deodorizer that you can spray anywhere pet odors are a problem. So safe and gentle, it can be used directly on your pet.

6. Bath Time!

Grab your pet, the rubber ducky, and head to the bath! Bathing is an essential part of your dog’s life. (Squirting your dog with the hose while doing yard work in the summer doesn't count.) Most dogs need a bath every 1-3 months. Dogs with allergies or skin conditions may need more frequent bathing.

Ever notice how your dog is hyped up after a bath? That’s because he’s happy! Having a clean coat makes your dog FEEL GOOD!


Best Dog Shampoo: Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo

If your dog is guilty of having a stinky, dirty coat, help him come clean with Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo. Groomers, vets and pet owners have been using and recommending this dog shampoo for over 20 years.

Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo is non-toxic with no harsh chemicals, alcohol-free for no itch or irritation, and pH balanced for a healthy, shiny coat. With silk amino acids for added moisture and shine! More information...


What Makes Oxyfresh Different from Store Brand Dog Shampoos?

Dog shampoos you’ll find in stores often contain alcohol. Alcohol dries out the skin, giving your dog an itchy, irritated coat. Many pet shampoos also contain pyrethoids, botanical insecticides that are contact poisons and highly toxic. 

Even so-called “high-quality” store brand dog shampoos can contain ingredients that aren’t good for your dog. One such ingredient is oatmeal, which can become a source of yeast and bacteria growth or cause allergy in pets that have problems with grain.


Oxygene® in Our Dog Shampoo Gets Rid of Odors

While many store brand shampoos contain harsh chemicals and perfumes that simply mask odors (and irritate the skin), Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo eliminates odors completely.

Our secret is Oxygene®. This safe, non-toxic ingredient literally dissolves odor-causing molecules at the source, leaving your pet clean and smelling fresh. You won’t find this exclusive ingredient in any other dog shampoo. More information...

Here at Oxyfresh, we love pets, and that’s why we’re committed to giving them only the best!

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