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Dog Care Products

5 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Dog

Dogs have a knack for wiggling their way into our hearts. They love us unconditionally, listen to us with rapt attention, and “tap dance” with reckless abandon when we walk through the door. How can you return your pet’s love?

By giving your furry friend the best at-home dog care products … proven, vet-recommended products that will enhance your dog’s health and happiness, and even add years to your pet’s lifespan!

1. Adopt a Daily Oral Hygiene Routine  

Oral hygiene is one of the most overlooked aspects of dog ownership. Yet, it’s one of the most important.

Here’s a tail-wagging fact: taking care of your pet’s oral health can extend your dog’s lifespan by 2-5 years. 

Daily oral care is needed to keep plaque from overtaking your dog’s mouth (and breath) and developing into gum disease, which can lead to inflammation, tooth loss and damage to your dog’s vital organs.

For dog owners who are intimidated by the idea of brushing their pets’ teeth (or just not wild about the time it would take), Oxyfresh has a brush-free solution that gives your pet the same benefits of brushing with none of the hassle.

2. Keep Your Dog Clean

A clean dog is a happy dog. Keeping your dog clean does more than prevent stinky dog odors from overtaking the house … it can also prevent skin inflammation, ear infections and hematomas.

3. Exercise

Exercise plays a huge role in your dog’s health … and not just physically! Exercise releases feel-good endorphins to chase the doggy blues away! Help your dog stay active by taking him on a daily walk or playing games indoors when it’s too cold outside. Short on time? Check out doggy daycare.

4. Keep Your Dog’s Mind Active

Old dogs can learn new tricks, and this will go a long way in helping your dog retain that youthful spark. Teach your dog new tricks on occasion, take your dog to new places, and introduce your dog to new people. Just like humans, dogs can get bored if it’s always the same ol’ same ol’.

5. Give Your Dog Oxyfresh

For over 30 years, pet lovers just like you have been using Oxyfresh’s exclusive line of vet-recommended dog care products for their pet’s oral hygiene, grooming, and overall health needs. 

From head to tail, you can count on Oxyfresh for safe, effective and non-toxic dog care products to keep your furry best friend clean, happy, healthy, and odor-free.


What Makes Oxyfresh Dog Care Products Different?

No alcohol in our grooming products

Oxyfresh didn’t jump on the alcohol-free bandwagon … we pioneered it! Store-brand grooming products often contain alcohol and other harsh chemicals that can sting, burn and irritate your dog’s sensitive skin. Oxyfresh dog care products are always alcohol-free.

We don’t mask odors … we eliminate them 

While many dog care products contain harsh chemicals and perfumes that simply mask odors, Oxyfresh gets rid of odors completely.

Our secret is Oxygene®.

This is our patented ingredient that quickly dissolves odor-causing molecules on contact. More information...

Oxygene® works on the toughest dog odors, from bad doggy breath, urine stains, and even skunk spray! 

How does it work? When Oxygene® comes in contact with Volatile Sulfur Compounds (odor-causing molecules), it oxidizes them and converts them into sulfite ions (odor-free). 

Oxygene® is safe, non-toxic to people and pets, tasteless and odorless. You won’t find this exclusive ingredient anywhere else! 


We’re proud of our vet-recommended, USA-made dog care products. This gives our customers peace of mind in getting only the safest, highest-quality dog care products. USA-made also means a reduced carbon footprint. We like our earth happy.


Oxyfresh Line of Dog Care Products

Pet Dental Water Additive

Give your dog exceptional daily oral care … without tooth brushing! Just add 1 capful of this tasteless, odorless solution into your dog’s drinking water each day. That’s it! The Oxygene® inside will fight plaque and neutralize bad doggy breath. Safe, non-toxic and vet-recommended. More information...

Pet Gel

Our most versatile dog care product. Pet Gel can be used as a dog toothpaste or rubbed directly on the gum line to soothe and deodorize oral injuries or sore gums. Infused with healing Aloe vera and Oxygene®, Pet Gel can also be used to soothe external wounds and abrasions. More information...

Pet Ear Cleaner

Cleaning your dog’s ears is the best way to avoid painful ear infections. Oxyfresh Pet Ear Cleaner quickly breaks up wax, dirt and debris with no irritating residue left behind. Alcohol-free means no sting or burn of sensitive pet ears, and Oxygene® gets rid of stinky ear odors fast. More information...

Pet Shampoo

Oxyfresh Pet Shampoo is alcohol-free for no itch or irritation and pH balanced for a healthy, shiny coat. With silk amino acids for added moisture and shine, and Oxygene® to neutralize stinky odors. More information...

Pet Deodorizer

Air fresheners may mask smells, but those fragrances are a toxic mix of chemicals that no members of your pack want to breathe. Oxyfresh Pet Deodorizer is safe and non-toxic with no harsh chemicals. Oxygene® eliminates odors anywhere they’re a problem, from carpets to crates. So gentle, you can spray directly on your dog. More information... 

100% Money Back Guarantee

Oxyfresh has complete confidence in the excellence of its products.

That’s why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee (minus the cost of shipping) within 30 days of purchase if you’re not happy.