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Cat Relaxant

Cat Relaxant Can Help With This

Cat relaxant from Oxyfresh can help. Whether it’s from travel, separation anxiety, or a reason your mysterious cat has yet to reveal, cat anxiety can be a big problem for both the cat and the owner.

Signs of cat anxiety include urinating and leaving other “treats” outside the litter box, vomiting or diarrhea, hiding more than usual, compulsive grooming (especially to the point where you can see bald spots on your cat’s body), being extra clingy, or showing escape behaviors. 

For the furry creature that’s brought so much love into your life (along with the occasional hairball), you of course want a safe, effective and natural solution to calm your anxious cat.

Common Causes of Cat Anxiety

New Home
For humans, moving is ranked as one of life’s top 5 stressors. Well, It’s no picnic for cats either. Cats, like people, crave predictability, pattern and a comfortable routine. 

Change in Family Members
A new baby, death, divorce or (gulp) a new animal joining the family pack can trigger anxiety in cats. 

Age or Illness
It’s common to think that that cats are happily independent creatures, but as you know, many cats share an incredibly close bond with their humans. That can bring on separation anxiety, particularly in aging cats or if your cat has an ailment of some sort. 

History of Abandonment
A cat that’s had multiple owners or experienced prior neglect or abuse often develops separation anxiety. 

Not Being Socialized as a Kitten
It’s important with kittens (up to the time they’re 14 weeks old) to expose them to a variety of people and environments. Kittens who don’t get this exposure have a greater chance of developing anxiety.

5 Ways to Calm Your Anxious Cat … Naturally

The symptoms of cat anxiety can be frustrating, especially when it involves messes for you to clean up. But keep in mind: cats with anxiety are acting out of fear, not because they’re “bad.” If you punish your cat in those situations, it can make your cat’s anxiety even worse.

Here are 5 ways to keep your cool and help your anxious cat calm down.

1. Distraction 

Sometimes the simple art of distraction is all it takes to get kitty to mellow out. Try giving your cat a special toy during times of stress. Note: make sure the special toy isn’t out all the time. Only bring it out in the stressful situation. That way your cat will start to associate the stressor with something positive.

2. Mix Up Your Cues

Do you have a cat with separation anxiety? Certain daily “cues” like putting on your shoes or grabbing your car keys can turn your cat’s anxiety on full force.

Here’s what to do:

Expose your cat to these pre-departure cues several times a day, in different orders … AND THEN DON’T LEAVE. For example, put on your shoes and cook dinner. Or grab your keys and read a book.

This will reduce your cat’s anxiety because these cues won’t always end with you leaving. Be patient! This may take several weeks depending on how severe your cat’s anxiety is.

3. Room with a View

Cats love to look out the window, so make sure you have a nice perch for your cat. Take it a step further and put a bird feeder or birdbath within view. It can provide your cat with hours of entertainment when you’re away.

4. Create a Scavenger Hunt

If your cat suffers from separation anxiety, leave him with a challenge while you’re away. Hide tiny pieces of treats around the house for him to look for when you’re gone. Or, if you’re short on time, a food puzzle where your cat has to work to get the treat out could also help.

5. Give Your Cat Oxyfresh Pet Relaxant

For over 30 years, cat owners like you have turned to Oxyfresh for solutions to everyday cat problems … from bad breath to house odors … and yes, cat anxiety.

With our “Mellow Out” Pet Relaxant, you can calm your anxious cat down naturally. No worries about medicines and tranquilizers that "dope pets up."  Oxyfresh Pet Relaxant is formulated exclusively with all-natural ingredients.  

Oxyfresh Pet Relaxant: The Natural Way to Treat Cat Anxiety

If you’re looking for a natural “cat calmer,” try Oxyfresh Pet Relaxant. More information...

These cat-calming capsules are made with only safe, gentle, all-natural ingredients: St. John’s Wort, Valerian root, L-Tryptophan and German Chamomile.

These ingredients are proven to quickly calm cats and reduce anxiety during stressful situations … naturally.

Unlike tranquilizers, sedatives or other anti-anxiety meds, Oxyfresh Pet Relaxant won’t knock your cat out (or deliver any nasty side effects) … it simply “takes the edge off” so your cat can keep calm.

Oxyfresh Pet Relaxant is USA-made, fast acting, recommended by veterinarians and much appreciated by anxious cats and their owners!  

Give your precious cat relief from anxiety and try Oxyfresh Pet Relaxant. It's the natural solution for cat anxiety that you can feel good about.

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