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Meet Krazy Kuma: the Huskie

At Oxyfresh, we love pets – and we love hearing their stories. Montse and Nathan have recently become pet parents of a new huskie pup. We’ll be following in their journey as Montse keeps us updated on all the adventures, […]

Teach Your Pet to “STAY” in 5 Simple Steps

Whether you just adopted a dog or have a new puppy on your hands, teaching “STAY” is one of the most essential commands for good manners. And here’s the beauty of it … with patience, it can be learned in […]

11 Books Every Pet Lover Should Read

If you’re like us, animals move your heart. They are some of the most meaningful gifts on the planet. Ironically, stories of animals – both true and fictional – inspire us to live as better humans, whether that means more […]

17 Pictures That Prove Cats Will Sleep Anywhere

We all know cats value their sleep. And as it turns out … they will curl up just about anywhere. Here are 17 pictures that prove cats will sleep just about anywhere. Whether at home or on-the-go, purses are usually […]

6 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Bird

If given the proper care and training, birds can make wonderful pets – adding more beauty and music to your household. Here are a handful of things you can do to give your bird a life that is both happier […]

How to Tell When Your Dog is Sad

When humans get sad, we have a few ways of coping. Sometimes we eat. Sometimes we talk with a friend. Sometimes we binge watch Netflix. Sometimes we go for a walk. Sometimes we journal. We have a wide variety of […]

8 Keys to Preventing Bad Dog Breath

You love your pup more than anything, but sometimes their breath can be less than lovely. A build of plaque and tartar will often lead to stinky breath, along with a host of health problems for your dog. In fact, […]

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