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You're the savvy, live-full-out kind who wants to know the latest trends in healthy living for you, your fun/crazy family and your awesome pets. So we hope you're sitting down when you take this all in, because it may just blow your mind — Dig in!

Category: Nutrition

7 Super Tips to Boost Your Immune System

When germs spread like wildfire through the office, we all want to be the one who avoids getting sick. We’ve got your back – or more specifically, your immune system. There are lots of easy ways to build up your immune system, starting right now! Check out these 7 super tips to boost your immune

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5 Surprising Reasons Your Joints Hurt

Got joint pain? You’re not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 1 in 4 American adults suffers from arthritis. And we’re not just talking about our golden oldies. Painful joints can sideline people of all ages, keeping them from doing the activities they love, or even activities that are a necessity,

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Top 10 Brain Foods to Improve Memory

Confession: my kid just beat me in Memory. AGAIN. That’s like 20 times in a row. I’d like to say I’m letting him win, but the truth is my 40-year-old brain power just isn’t operating at full speed anymore. Can you relate? From forgetting names to where we left our sunglasses – and the worst,

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3 Reasons Greens are Essential to Your Weight Loss Shake

Searching for a weight loss shake is not for the faint of heart. Navigating the Internet, or even scarier, the vast stretch of the health food aisle, can feel a bit like being lost in the deep, dark jungle with nothing but the clothes on your back. So how DO you find the best weight

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Top 5 Essential Vitamins for Women

Heyyy ladies! It’s Women’s Health Care Week and we want to talk to you about vitamins. Before you think this will be Borefest 2018, hang with us for a hot minute. You’ll be glad you did because we’ll give you the Top 5 Essential Vitamins for Women. So here’s the deal … Vitamins are ESSENTIAL

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