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You're the savvy, live-full-out kind who wants to know the latest trends in healthy living for you, your fun/crazy family and your awesome pets. So we hope you're sitting down when you take this all in, because it may just blow your mind — Dig in!

Category: Home Care Research

How To Spring Clean Your House (Without Losing Your Mind!)

Let’s play a game of “Would you rather …. ?” Would you rather: Wash all the windows once a week for the rest of your life? OR Vacuum the whole house every single day? Oh, what’s that? We’re supposed to be spring cleaning and not distracting ourselves with games? In fairness, it’s easy to put

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5 House Cleaning Tips for a Greener Home

“Unbelievable cleaning power!” “Dissolves grime on contact!” “Proven to clean your house AND take 10 years off your appearance.” Enough already! It’s become quite a chore to listen to the empty promises of traditional house cleaning products. Not only do these cleaning products never live up to the hype, but worse – most of them are bad for

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3 Easy Home Cleaning Recipes with Cleansing Gelé as the Star!

Looking for ways to get all those toxic cleaners out of your home? Look no further than Oxyfresh Cleansing Gelé. Yes, many of you know this as our superstar liquid soap that cleans, moisturizes and deodorizes the skin without leaving any residue behind. But what you may not know is that Cleansing Gelé can also

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Top Tricks to SPEED CLEAN Your House for Holiday Guests

“COMPANY’S COMING!” No two words can strike fear into the hearts of homeowners like those two words. Well, before you launch into full-on panic mode at the thought of cleaning your house for holiday guests, relax! Just follow these top tricks for speed cleaning your house so you can have more “happy” in your holidays and a lot

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How to Foolproof Your Tub Against Grime

Cleaning the bathtub. It’s the household chore that no one in your family wants to do! Well, if you’ve drawn the short end of the sponge, relax! We’re going to show you how easy it can be to get rid of bathtub mold, bathtub stains, and everything in between without using harsh chemicals. (Of course,

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