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What You Need to Know About Dry Mouth

No one likes dry mouth. Plus, it tends to go hand in hand with bad breath. So where does it come from? What are the consequences? And what can you do to turn the problem around? We’ll take a look at […]

5 Ways to Get Rid of Canker Sores

Whether it’s brought on by stress, too much sugar, or just something that’s going around, a canker sore is never fun. Not only does it makes eating less enjoyable, it’s a constant bother throughout the day. When you’ve got a canker […]

6 Sneaky Foods that Stain Your Teeth

A beautiful, white smile is a prize that most desire. It’s right up there with a great job and the guy or gal of your dreams. In fact, one study shows that people with white teeth were “perceived as more […]

6 Tips to Stomp Out Smoking For Good

Tired of a smoking habit “reeking” havoc in your life? Bad breath, smelly clothes, the nasty cough and the sheer expense of it all: there are lots of reasons to quit! But easier said than done – “addictive” is an […]

5 Reasons to “Un-Stick” Your Gum Habit

Did you know? The average American chews down on 300 pieces of gum each year. It’s a staple in our purses, pockets, cars and desk drawers at work … and we have the abundance of stray wrappers to prove it! […]

Why Oxygene Makes All the Difference

We often get the question: how do Oxyfresh products work so well? And as much as we would love to attribute it to some sort of magical powers, the real magic is in our formulation. And when it comes to neutralizing odors, […]

6 Ways to Make a Great First Impression

You know what they say … you never get a second chance at a first impression. Humans in nature make snap judgments about people, objects, and circumstances, in order to make sense of our environment. This has helped our ancestors […]

From Coffee to Cola: 5 Tips to Avoid Teeth Stains

We all want a white, bright smile. But here’s the problem: we also want our coffee, cola and the occasional glass of Cabernet. Is it really possible to enjoy our favorite drinks without the worry of unsightly teeth stains? Yes! […]

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