How Chromium Helps With Sugar Cravings During Weight Loss

How Chromium Helps With Sugar Cravings During Weight Loss

From ooey-gooey caramel-filled candy bars to that bowl of velvety sweet ice cream, sugar cravings can be our biggest downfall when we’re trying to lose weight and just be healthier overall.

If you need a little help fighting those pesky sugar cravings, get in-the-know about chromium, a trace mineral shown to help with sugar cravings during weight loss. You’ll learn what it does, how to get more of it into your diet, and even about a weight loss shake with chromium for sugar cravings. Dig in!

The Role of Chromium in the Body … And Why It May Help With Weight Loss

Chromium is an essential mineral needed for the breakdown of fats and carbs in the body. It also helps improve insulin sensitivity and lower glucose levels, which is why it garners attention when we’re talking about weight loss.

Many sugar cravings are caused from blood sugar imbalance, so when your blood sugar is better regulated, it stands to reason that sugar cravings will naturally decrease. In fact, in one 8-week chromium study of 1,000 healthy overweight women, results showed that chromium reduced food intake and cravings.

How to Get Chromium In Your Diet

Chromium is a trace mineral, so you don’t need a lot of it to reap the benefits. Plenty of foods contain chromium, from spices to whole grains and potatoes.

Some people, however, have trouble absorbing chromium, so it’s wise to make sure you’re getting enough B vitamins and vitamin C, which are shown to naturally help the body absorb chromium. Check out foods rich in vitamin C and foods rich in B vitamins. natural foods high in chromium for weight loss

Weight Loss Gamechanger: Protein Shakes with Chromium for Sugar Cravings

When you’re struggling with sugar cravings, a protein shake with chromium can do wonders for your weight loss journey … especially when it’s a VIBE protein shake.

Each VIBE vegan protein shake has 20 grams of pea protein (no gas or bloat!) and contains Zychrome®, a patent-pending form of chromium that supports healthy insulin and normal blood glucose levels – a huge deal for diminishing sugar cravings. VIBE is also formulated with a highly absorbable probiotic.

This is super important for gut health because when your gut bacteria is out of whack, it creates a vicious cycle of sugar cravings.

Healthy and filling, VIBE Shakes also rock a full serving of nutrient-dense greens, including broccoli, spinach and kale to help kick cravings to the curb.

(Check out 3 reasons greens are essential to your weight loss shakes.) Try VIBE protein shakes and we’re confident your sugar cravings will be going, going, GONE in just a few days! P.S. Spread the word, not frosting. If your besties are also struggling with sugar cravings during weight loss, be sure to share this post with them! vibe best vegan protein shake mix