Oxyfresh Mouthwashes Featured in Dental Products Report

Oxyfresh Mouthwashes Featured in Dental Products Report

Oxyfresh's amazing Pro Formula Mouthwash was featured in a February 2021 article on Dental Products Report. The article focused on the importance of using an alcohol-free mouthwash.

Oxyfresh Mouthwashes: A Best-Kept Secret for Supporting a Healthy Oral Microbiome

The March 2021 edition of Dental Products Report, which provides dental professionals with comprehensive, unbiased info across the spectrum of dental specialties, takes on the subject of the oral microbiome, which is garnering more and more attention as the key to a healthier smile.  

In her article "Working With a Mastery of the Oral Microbiome," author Jamie Collins, RDH-EA, BS writes: "Science has unlocked many questions about the oral microbiome, which has led to solutions that target bacterial strains and are designed to combat the damaging effect to oral tissues." 

Mouthwashes have been a standard of oral care for decades, but chlorhexidine mouthwashes are not meant for long-term use because of their unwanted side effects, like teeth staining. And what about alcohol-based mouthwashes? Because they take a "kill them all" approach to bacteria, they can leave people with oral microbiomes that are off balance, and this makes them susceptible to decay, gum disease and dry mouth. 

The article goes on to recommend Oxyfresh alcohol-free mouthwashes as an alternative: 

"Instead, patients can opt for an alcohol-free rinse such as Oxyfresh’s line of oral rinses, which contain chlorine dioxide to oxidize and "kill" bacteria causing bad breath. Formulated with xylitol, essential oils, and a balanced pH, Oxyfresh oral care products provide an alternative to alcohol-based rinses and chlorhexidine."

Because they target only the harmful bacteria, Oxyfresh mouthwashes are a best-kept secret for supporting a healthy oral microbiome.

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