Flouride and Periodontal Health

Flouride and Periodontal Health

Say goodbye to cavities! 😁 ✨
Say goodbye to cavities! 😁 ✨ Infused with essential oils to soothe gums
✨ All day fresh breath guaranteed
✨ Helps fight tooth sensitivity and is gentle on enamel and gums

Check it out for yourself: Oxyfresh.com
woman pouring fresh mint mouthwash

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Meet the Author

Tom Lunneborg is the Co-Chief Operating Officer & Chief Sales Officer for Oxyfresh. His favorite part of the job is hearing customers share their amazing results. When he’s not leading the team in reaching big goals, like landing us in nationwide stores, you’ll likely find him pulling some pretty epic office pranks, like his signature surprise confetti cannon blasts. Tom also enjoys boating, camping, fishing, and hanging out with his wife, three beautiful daughters, fur-boy Brodi, and standoffish goldfish Moola. To connect, email TomL@Oxyfresh.com.