Best Toothpaste and Mouthwash Travel Kit for Sensitive Teeth

Best Toothpaste and Mouthwash Travel Kit for Sensitive Teeth

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If you have sensitive teeth, using dental products specifically formulated to strengthen and soothe the enamel is a must. But what happens when you’re packing for vacation? That’s right – you end up in the dreaded travel-size aisle of the grocery store or pharmacy, where the mini toothpaste and mouthwash options are slim to none, and definitely not designed to take on tooth sensitivity!

Especially on vacation, you don’t want to be dealing with tooth sensitivity – not when there are hot cups of coffee and yummy frozen treats on the line! That’s why the Oxyfresh Cavity Protection Travel Kit for sensitive teeth is a travel game-changer. Here are three reasons you’ll love it …

#1. Packed With Everything You Need

The Oxyfresh Cavity Protection Travel Kit for sensitive teeth is filled with all kinds of dental goodies to keep you smiling on your next road trip.

cavity prevention mouthwash with fluoride
Cavity Protection Mouthwash (3 oz.): This travel-size sensitive teeth mouthwash is dye-free, alcohol-free, infused with natural peppermint oil, and formulated with non-staining fluoride to protect from sensitivity, cavities and bad breath.

high fluoride toothpaste for enamel repair
Cavity Protection Toothpaste (1 oz.): Low abrasion fluoride toothpaste strengthens enamel, defending against tooth sensitivity and decay. Combined with zinc and our exclusive bad-breath neutralizer Oxygene® for all-day fresh breath.

tongue scraper for fresh breath halitosis
Oolitt® Elite Tongue Cleaner: This is tool #1 for fighting bad breath, as it cleans the way back of the tongue where a toothbrush just can’t reach.

best soft bristle toothbrush eco friendly
Premium Bamboo Toothbrush: Soft, dense bristles will protect your teeth from abrasion and wear – an essential part of a sensitive-teeth dental routine.

brush picks the easy way to floss with braces
Brush Picks: Take with you wherever you go! Its patented design discreetly removes food particles without damaging your dental work.

#2. Makes Traveling So Much Better

If you’re like us, you’ve been anxiously awaiting your first camping trip of the year. So get this kit delivered right to your door and get packing for an awesome outdoor adventure. The contents are clear for easy viewing, so you’ll never have to rummage for what you want with sticky marshmallow fingers!

Unlike dental products loaded with dyes, staining fluoride, alcohol and harsh abrasives, Oxyfresh products are formulated with only high-quality, non-toxic ingredients like natural essential oils, non-staining fluoride, zinc and Oxygene® to give you a healthier smile and long-lasting fresh breath. So go ahead and pile on the extra onions on your epic campfire burger … we’ve got you covered.

#3. Fresh Breath Here to Stay(Cation)

Whether you’re on a vacation or a staycation, this kit is a great way to see what the Oxyfresh fresh-breath buzz is all about. Typical dental products only MASK bad breath for the short-term – ahem, alcohol and fake mint flavors, we’re talkin’ to you! – but our premium mouthwash and toothpaste formulas deliver hours of TRUE fresh breath because they actually neutralize bad breath right at the source with our exclusive ingredient Oxygene®. All without the sting, dryness or burn of alcohol.

You know the expression, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about enjoying the journey?” Well, we say enjoy both! Get the sensitive teeth products you need for your smile, and make it ultra-convenient to take along the way. For more info about this sensitive teeth travel kit or to check out our other amazing travel kits, visit

travel dental care kit for sensitive teeth and fresh breath