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You're the savvy, live-full-out kind who wants to know the latest trends in healthy living for you, your fun/crazy family and your awesome pets. So we hope you're sitting down when you take this all in, because it may just blow your mind — Dig in!

Pet Dental Care & Grooming

Pet Remedies – How to Naturally Deter Fleas and Ticks on Your Dog

Dealing with fleas and ticks is never fun – for you OR your dog. That’s why prevention is always the best measure against these pesky parasites. But if you’re worried about using chemicals to prevent ticks and fleas on your dog, you’re not alone. Thousands of pet parents are looking for safe, natural ways to

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Dog Dental Care: 3 Things to Watch Out for With Dental Chews

Pet Dental Health Month is the perfect time to discover how to take better care of your dog’s smile. After all, adopting a dog dental care routine can add 3–5 years to your dog’s life! While many pet parents turn to dental chews to help do the trick, it pays to do your homework first

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Cat Gingivitis: 3 Secret Causes and What You Can Do at Home

If you’ve been noticing a bit of a funky smell to your cat’s breath or behavior that’s a little off, you may be worried about cat gingivitis. Gingivitis in cats isn’t something to sweep under the rug (along with those squeaky toys), as it can lead to more serious problems down the road. To get

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Dental Care for People

What Is Non Abrasive Toothpaste … And Why Should You Be Using It?

You’ve heard the term “non abrasive toothpaste,” but what does that really mean? Abrasiveness can be thought of as scrubbing power. While some abrasiveness IS needed to remove plaque and stains (otherwise we wouldn’t get our teeth clean), the problem is most toothpastes on the market have ingredients that are way too abrasive and can

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3 Tips for Teenagers Dealing With Braces Sores

The end result (hello, straight teeth!) will totally be worth it, but when you’re dealing with painful braces sores, it can be hard to see the glass as half full. While mouth ulcers from braces will usually go away on their own within a week or two, why play the waiting game? In addition to

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Why Kids Should Use Fluoride Dental Products

Did you know that 20% of kids ages 5–11 have at least one untreated cavity, according to the CDC? This can cause discomfort, child bad breath and even interfere with their learning, eating and playing. Prevention is the best measure when it comes to kids and cavities, making kids fluoride dental products a must for

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Nutrition & Wellness

Vegan? What You Need to Know About Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vegan diets have sprouted up in popularity over the past few decades. While this can bring many benefits to our bodies AND the planet, there’s one major downside: vitamin B12 deficiency. Because of its role in red blood cell formation, energy and brain function, vitamin b12 is one of the most serious of all vitamin

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Yes Peas! 5 Worth-It Reasons to Try Pea Plant Protein Shakes

Shake off everything you thought you knew about pea plant protein shakes and get the real deal on just how incredible they are! VIBE plant powered protein shakes with peas are a game-changer for anyone who wants to lose weight, get in shape, or simply feel their best each day. So shake up the status

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New Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Getting through cold and flu season unscathed takes more than diligent hand-washing. It takes an ironclad immune system, one that can easily fight off invaders. But how can you get a super-strong immune system? We all know the typical advice that we should eat healthier, exercise and get eight hours of shut-eye. But what else

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