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You're the savvy, live-full-out kind who wants to know the latest trends in healthy living for you, your fun/crazy family and your awesome pets. So we hope you're sitting down when you take this all in, because it may just blow your mind — Dig in!


Health is not always our first priority when it comes to our daily tasks. There are responsibilities, loved ones, activities and all kinds of things that come at you at the speed of life. Exercising and a healthy diet is not always at the top of our list. Let’s take a look at that and

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Welcome to 2018! A fresh new year to play, create and achieve! Every year has unlimited potential. We can make anything happen when we focus our mind. Including improving our health and controlling our waistline. If you are one of the many that committed to yourself about being healthier this year, we applaud you. We’d

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Hooray for the holiday season!  It’s that time of year again where we enjoy getting together with family and friends.  Schedules quickly fill up with parties and dinners to reconnect with loved ones.  These events enrich our lives and actually improve our health.  You don’t want to skip them because you are worried about ruining your

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Did you know that your brain consumes more than 20% of your energy daily? The deeper you are into thought and critical thinking, the more energy your brain consumes. If you aren’t eating right and supplementing you’ll be destined for an afternoon crash and brain fog. Feeding our mind is easy to overlook. We grow

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