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Oxyfresh started the way all great things start:

We had an idea.

An idea to create products with ingredients you can always feel good about. Products that don’t need to cut corners.

Products that matter … to the weekend warriors, athletes, superhero parents and YOU … and let’s not forget our favorite animals.

Our Product Philosophy. 

Just Real Ingredients with Real Results.We work in partnership with science and the best that mother nature has to offer.

Many of our dental, pet and home care products are powered with Oxygene®: a brilliant, safe, non-toxic ingredient that neutralizes bad breath and pesky odors on a molecular level. You see, most smells (like bad breath and pet odors) are caused by these little guys known as “volatile sulfur compounds” or VSC’s for short. Oxygene® gently and naturally dissolves the bonds of these sulfur compounds, completely eliminating bad smells at their source – instead of covering them up or using harsh ingredients like alcohol that has side effects.

For our superfood nutritional products, we focus on core nutritional needs by using the best ingredients available.  Our R&D team carefully selects each ingredient based on quality, potency and absorption.  You’ll find optimum levels of ingredients throughout all our products.  We do not believe in using an ingredient at a low level just to put it on the label.  You’ll feel the improvement in your health when using Oxyfresh nutritionals.

Every product we manufacture passes through strict quality control to insure you are always receiving the best quality.  We partner with expert laboratories to certify our products are safe, proven and effective.

Our Promise.

You’ll love our products and our promise to you. It’s simple. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. High-fives and healthy smiles – that’s what we’re about. If for any reason, we didn’t quite meet what we promised, let us know so we can make it better. Just kick an email to smiles@oxyfresh.com or give us a call at 800.333.7374.

Thank you so much for your support and for giving us another reason to smile!


Your Oxyfresh Tribe

100% Money Back Guarantee

Oxyfresh has complete confidence in the excellence of its products.

That’s why we offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee (minus the cost of shipping) within 30 days of purchase if you’re not happy.