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All-Purpose Deodorizer really does a great job in my Pilates studio. After every class we wipe down all the equipment and there is no film or residue left behind like other cleaners leave. And my clients comment on the fresh, clean smell of my studio.
Wayne, PA
Customer — 22 years

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We use the Antibacterial Skin Barrier before applying latex gloves in our dental practice. We love this product because with as much as we wash our hands and reapply gloves, our hands stay moisturized. We love how well this product works as a barrier against the elements in our office.
Chicago, IL
Customer — 19 years


We love Oxyfresh Cleansing Gele. It keeps our skin smooth and doesn’t leave any build-up of soap scum in the shower.
Spencer, NC
Customer — 23 years


I’ve always had problems with dry, itchy skin. The only body wash I’ve found that does not cause my skin to be so itchy is the Cleaning Gelé. It works well and does not dry my skin like other soaps or body washes.
Ardmore, PA
Customer — 16 years


I love the unscented Cleansing Gele. I use it on everything! I’m a diabetic and very sensitive to many things, including strong smells. The Cleansing Gele is great because I can use it on everything, everywhere in my house and there’s no strong perfumey after-smell.
Chattanooga, TN
Customer — 12 years


"I use the Oxygene Gel on all cuts and scrapes and it helps to promote quicker healing. It also works wonders on poison ivy. This is a great multi-use product.

Customer — 1 year


The Skin Barrier helps my dry skin condition better than anything else I’ve used. It also protects my skin from mosquito bites during the warm weather. I recommend it to everyone I know.
Newbury Park, CA
Customer — 9 years


I originally started using Oxyfresh products because my skin was itchy and reacted to my laundry detergent. I was first introduced to your detergent and my skin stopped itching. Then I tried the Aiyana Shampoo and Conditioner and my scalp stopped itching. Oxyfresh products really great! I use the Cleaning Gele, toothpaste, and mouth rinse too.
Greenport, NY
Customer — 10 years


The Skin Barrier has such a nice feel and it keeps my skin moisturized for a long period of time.
Albuquerque, NM
Customer — 5 years


My daughter had several mosquito bites on her leg, which on her sensitive skin had become huge welts. I applied Oxygen Cream to the bit and it helped relieve the pain and itching within a couple of hours.
Miami, FL
Customer — 20 years


I’ve been using the Cleansing Gele for 12 years and have not used regular soap since then. The Gele leaves my skin soft and I don’t have to moisturize after using it. It’s gentle enough that the whole family can use it, even our children.
Pottsville, PA
Customer — 20 years


"I don't have to clean my shower very often when I use the Oxyfresh Heavenly Gele! It does it for me."
Petaluma, CA
Customer — 1 year


"We use Oxyfresh Cleansing Gele like it goes out of style. Great for soaking bird syringes and cleaning cages. Also, great for bathing and removing stains from clothes."
Polk City, FL
Customer — 5 years


"I had my large intestines removed due to Crohn's Disease. I spray Oxyfresh All Purpose Deodorizer onto my illiostomy pouch and it keeps the odors away."
Sherwood Park, AB
Customer — 8 years


I have asthma and so many products negatively affect my condition. I love the All-Purpose Deodorizer because it does not affect my asthma at all. I also like how quickly it works to eliminate odors.
Federal Way, WA
Customer — 12 years


The Cleansing Gele is the only body wash I can use that doesn’t dry out or irritate my skin. I’m very satisfied with this product.
San Diego, CA
Customer — 13 years


My stylist tells me that whatever I am using on my hair is great stuff. I like that Aiyana Shampoo and Conditioner don’t dry out my hair and my scalp because they don’t have perfumes and chemicals that coat my hair and damage it.
Pleasant Grove, UT
Customer — 1 year


“I use Oxyfresh All Purpose Detergent for my laundry. I like that it is a low suds formula and keeps my clothes from getting dingy.”
Athena, OR
Customer — 7 years


“After seeing a dermatologist for skin irritation, it was determined that Tide laundry detergent was causing my outbreak. I tried several different detergents and all caused the same irritation. Oxyfresh All Purpose Detergent is the only product I can use without irritation. The smell is fresh and clean and I no longer suffer from dry, itchy skin.”
Greenport, NY
Customer — 10 years


My son had an accident on his mattress (from the stomach flu). There was a very bad odor in his room since the mattress had gotten wet. I couldn't leave the window to his room open for the day to let it air out since we live in front of a very busy street. I had taken out the soiled blankets, but couldn't carry out the mattress. So when I got home, his room had been enclosed all day. There was a foul smell, so we got the mattress outside, and I made a mixture of All-Purpose Deodorizer and Cleansing Gele in a spray bottle, and sprayed his whole room, and cleaned off the mattress. In less than 2 hours, his room was odor free and the mattress did not have a stain or a smell! What great products!
Post Falls, ID
Customer — 9 years


My daughter had a horrible diaper rash and after getting her cream medication from the doctor, it worsened! She had blisters and was puffy and red. I applied Oxygene Gel and left in on overnight. In the morning, the blisters were gone.
Post Falls, ID
Customer — 9 years


“My husband is confined to his bed most of the time. His skin breaks down easily and he has trouble with rashes. Oxyfresh Skin Barrier is the only cream we’ve found that helps to keep him from getting rashes or breakdowns in his skin. We won’t go without it.”
Palm Desert, CA
Customer — 8 years


“For a few years I was experiencing a lot of hair loss, even while trying other products that were supposed to prevent hair loss. I decided to try Oxyfresh Aiyana Protein Shampoo and after switching I’m now only loosing a normal amount of hair. I don’t know what’s in it or what’s not in it, but I’m sticking with it.”
Lititz, PA
Customer — 10 years


“We use Oxyfresh Cleansing Gele’ in our home because it keeps the allergy symptoms that my husband and son get at bay. Other soaps with perfumes make them sneeze.”
Rockford, IL
Customer — 11 years


“I can’t live without Oxyfresh Skin Barrier. Since I live where my skin dries out and the doctor said I would just have to learn to live with it, I use it as a body lotion after it was recommended by my Dermatologist and I no longer have to suffer with dry skin. This is the only thing that works.”
Las Vegas, NV
Customer — 8 years


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