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Fighting bad breath with Lemon-Mint Power Rinse

Top 5 Reasons For Bad Breath

Having bad breath can make a person feel embarrassed of their condition. There are steps in which to eliminate it for good, however, it is essential to identify the main reasons for bad breath in order to successfully deal with its sources.

Reasons for bad breath

Reasons for Bad Breath in the Morning

When people wake up, the mouth feels very dry. The saliva production slows down as a person is in deep sleep. This causes the mouth to become more conducive for bacteria growth, making it one of the reasons for bad breath in the morning. It is advised to thoroughly brush the teeth and follow up with flossing to keep the mouth fresh and clean before going to bed at night. Saliva is an important natural element that fights bacteria. Another tip is to avoid breathing through the mouth to prevent it from drying up. Once a person wakes up, immediately brush the teeth to feel fresh and eliminate the bacteria that have built up the night before.

Poor Oral Hygiene Causes Bad Breath

Most people have relatively good oral hygiene. However, there are some who tend to occasionally forget to thoroughly brush the teeth after every meal or floss to remove food particles that were not removed by simple brushing, YET MORE REASONS FOR BAD BREATH. People with poor oral hygiene are naturally more prone to experience bad breath. Having a busy lifestyle is no excuse to neglect the health teeth and gums.

Stinky Food Equals Stinky Mouth

The food that people eat can affect the smells that come out of the mouth. Eating foods that have foul smells will naturally cause the mouth to stink as well. The scents of these foods stick to the teeth, gums, mouth lining and tongue, thus emitting a similar foul smell. It is important to thoroughly brush the teeth every after every meal, thus removing at least one of the reasons for bad breath. If this is not possible, make sure to gargle with water to eliminate as much food particles and residues that remain in the mouth after the meal.

Smoking is Only One of Many Reasons for Bad Breath

Cigarettes contain chemicals such as tar and nicotine that can stick to the teeth and gums. These chemicals not only stain the teeth, it makes the mouth more conducive for bacteria to breed giving the mouth more reasons for bad breath.

Smelly Breath Could be a Sign of a Medical Condition

Bad breath can be an underlying cause to a more serious condition. For persistent halitosis, it is advised to visit a doctor for a general check-up.

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