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Fighting bad breath with Lemon-Mint Power Rinse

Bad Breath & How It Works

Having encountered someone with bad breath at some point or another, most people find it very tricky on how to inform that person regarding their problem. More often than not, no words are said for fear of offending that person. In the end, the breath problem is not solved and the individual is left unaware of his or her situation.

Bad Breath

Having Bad Breath Is A Serious Issue

Being on the receiving end of someone’s faul breath is no laughing matter either. The smell that comes from a person’s mouth who suffers from oral problems is not something that anyone wants to take a whiff of. But what makes a person have bad breath in the first place? Is it simply due to bad oral hygiene? Before making any conclusions about a person’s habits, it is essential to know the true causes of bad breath.

This condition brings on a number of other personal issues that develop if not dealt with, thins like:

  • Having bad breath makes you BECOME LESS SOCIAL
  • It lowers self confidence and self esteem
  • Bad breath may be the hidden reason for GETTING FIRED
  • Personal relationships may suffer
  • If not done right, dealign with bad breath can cost a lot of money

What Bad Breath Really Is And Why It Occurs

BAD BREATH, also known as Halitosis, is a condition wherein a person has unpleasant odor that emanates from the mouth. It can be caused by a number of things but is mainly due to bacteria that live and breeds in the mouth. The mouth is normally warm and moist, which is a perfect environment for bacteria to breed. These bacteria emit certain bad smells that are due to its sulphur compounds. Morning breath is a perfect example of what this smells like. This condition can be easily eliminated with some bad breath home remedies and doesn’t have to be a big deal at all.

Food Will Give You Bad Breath

Bad Breath Food

  1. Onions will give you bad breath
  2. Garlic will stay for hours and let your company know it’s presence
  3. Some vegetables like radishes and cauliflower will have this effect
  4. Some cheeses will turn your mouth into a bad breath blower

Smokers Have It Bad!

Bad Breath from Smoking

Another big cause for bad breath is the bad habit like smoking. Cigarettes contain chemicals such as nicotine and tar that stick to the teeth and build up in the mouth. Once this happens, the mouth becomes a highly conducive environment for bacteria to grow. Another reason as to why this smoking habit causes bad breath is that smoking causes the mouth to dry out. Saliva is a natural element in the mouth that flushes out bacteria. When the mouth dries out, no saliva is able to cleanse the mouth and eventually, smell inducing bacteria form within the gums.

People with “bad breath” do not immediately imply that they have poor oral hygiene. There may be other serious underlying reasons why this oral problem occurs. If a person has particularly good oral hygiene but still has bad breath problems, the best way to address the matter is to visit the dentist to get professional advice.

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