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Pet Relaxant Calms Your Anxious Pet

Pet Relaxant Calms Your Anxious Pet

Even under the most unsettling conditions, you can calm your anxious pet with a simple dose of ’Mellow Out’ Pet Relaxant.The next time you anticipate a stressful situation for your pet like a trip to the vet or groomer, a thunderstorm, unfamiliar company, a new pet in the house, workmen or repairmen on your property, or any stressful condition, you’ll be able to help your pet handle the stress calmly and comfortably.

Recommended Use:
Pets under 40 lbs. — 1 capsule
Pets 40 lbs. and over — 2 capsules
For ease of delivery, wrap capsule in cheese. Administer to your pet on an as needed basis. Allow one hour for ’Mellow Out’ to become effective. Repeat dosage after one hour if agitation or stress continues.

NOTE: This item is not for sale in PA, TX and CO.

Pet Relaxant

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"Mellow Out" Pet Relaxant (30 capsules
NOTE: This item is not for sale in PA, TX and CO)

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"My dog has severe anxiety from loud truck noise, fireworks and thunderstorms. The noise from vehicles outside will make her so crazy that she literally will rip off the trip around the doors of our house. When she has the Mellow Out regularly she can function 100% better without being destructive to herself or the house. This has made such a huge difference for her and we’re all very thankful."

Customer — 4 years


“Oxyfresh Pet Relaxant helps take the edge off without making my cat lethargic when we bathe or show her. Other products almost knock the cats out. You definitely get the best benefit with Mellow Out.”

Luba - Mercerville, NJ
Customer — 11 years


“Oxyfresh has great pet products. I have been using Oxyfresh products for many years and just within the last 3 months I have found Oxyfresh Pet Relaxant extremely helpful. We took on a 7 year old Golden Retriever named Princess who was used in a puppy mill. She had no outside social skills as she spent her life in a barn having puppies. When I give her Oxyfresh Pet Relaxant her anxiety and stress seems to “mellow out.” She is really shaping up to be a wonderful pet.”

Customer — 7 years

The opinions and experiences of these individuals are the sole opinions, findings or experiences of our customers and may not be representative of what all consumers may personally experience.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Valerian, German Chamomile, L-Tryptophan, St. John's Wort

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"Mellow Out" Pet Relaxant (30 capsules
NOTE: This item is not for sale in PA, TX and CO)

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