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Leading Health Magazine Spotlights Oxyfresh!

Oxyfresh’s exclusive Pet Oral Hygiene Solution has received a huge endorsement from Prevention, a healthy lifestyle magazine that boasts an impressive 11 million readers!

In the current issue, available on newsstands everywhere, Prevention highlights the importance of oral health care for pets in an article titled: “The Tooth of the Matter: Oral health care is as important to your pet’s well-being as regular vet visits.

Citing the potentially life-threatening health risks associated with oral disease, the Prevention article lists several easy ways to promote optimum oral care for pets.

“Spike their food and drink,” the article says. “Toss Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution into your pet’s water — it fights not just plaque but bad breath, too.”

On its website, Prevention says it is the No. 1 healthy lifestyle magazine and the 10th largest magazine in the nation.

This is a huge third-party endorsement from an very credible source that recognizes the importance of oral care for pets and sees how Oxyfresh offers a unique, proven solution. Share this exciting publicity with everybody you know. This feature makes a great introduction to our quality pet products!