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Giving Back

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Post Falls Food Bank
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Today Show Toy Drive
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United Way
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Giving Back

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Acts of Kindness

Oxyfresh donates cash, pet products to animal shelter

Your pet knows he's loved when you give him Oxyfresh pet products. From Pet Jerky Treats to Pet Oral Hygiene Solution, he knows he's being cared for and will grow healthier and be happier.

However, some animals are not so lucky. Think of the animals that suffer from illnesses or don't have a place to call home—these animals don't get to experience such love.

The Kootenai County Humane Society, located just north of Oxyfresh's Corporate headquarters in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, is constantly running up against its 250 animal capacity. From stray cats fighting disease to newborn puppies needing motherly care, the Humane Society has a big job to do: to protect and find homes for these animals.

Rondi Renaldo is up to the challenge. She's the Executive Director of the Humane Society, and she watches these dogs and cats come and go. She rarely has space to spare at the county's only refuge for lost, abandoned and neglected dogs and cats. The shelter recently opted to quit euthanizing pets, many of whom have health-related problems ranging from oral disease to weakened immune systems—and that's where Oxyfresh is determined to help these struggling animals with their recovery.

"When I look for a partner for our Humane Society the relationship needs to be based on many factors. We have a lot of animals to care for, and if those animals eat something not suitable for their digestion then we could have 200 sick animals. We also need to wash and medically take care of these animals," Rondi says.

The animal shelter has been on the receiving end of Oxyfresh pet products and employee donations for several years. It's a project spearheaded by Tom Lunneborg, Vice President of Production and Distribution for Oxyfresh. Tom makes frequent visits to the shelter, armed with boxes full of leading-edge pet products and cash—money donated to the Kootenai Humane Society by Oxyfresh employees.

"Oxyfresh has chosen to donate because of our love for pets and the local community," says Tom. "Our products improve these animals' quality of life and, in turn, help their chances of adoption."

Rondi says the Oxyfresh products have been used and appreciated at the shelter.

"All of the Oxyfresh items have been approved by our vet, and we have never had a bad reaction. This is a big accomplishment considering we have just about every breed of dog and cat."

Because healthy pets are much easier to adopt out than unfit animals, Rondi says she is encouraged with the Oxyfresh donations.

"The partnership goes beyond the basics. They are extremely easy to deal with, and their customer service is top notch. They give back to their communities in large ways. We would not be able to afford the items that we have through Oxyfresh had it not been for their generosity and giving spirit."

Shelter employees love the Oxyfresh pet line.

"They say there is a night and day difference since using our products," Tom says. "The primary caregiver on staff loves our Pet Oral Hygiene Solution and Pet Gel. She says the ulcers and sores are healing faster than she's ever seen. Plus, the staff loves our deodorizer, shampoo and antioxidants. They can definitely see the results!"

Rondi says the shelter, a nonprofit organization, relies on adoption fees, sales from a thrift store and generous donations to care for animals 365 days a year. "We use Oxyfresh products every day at our facility," she says.

At Oxyfresh corporate headquarters, employees don't even think twice about making donations to the shelter.

"I think all the employees here have a lot of compassion for pets," Tom says. Between their generous monthly donations and Oxyfresh products—the Kootenai County Humane Society can give the proper care and treatment to the next pet that awaits your loving home.

Rondi Renaldo
Executive Director
Kootenai Humane Society

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