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Oxyfresh offers premium dental health products, pet care products, weightloss & nutrionals, personal care and household supplies.

Discover why people around the world believe Oxyfresh health and wellness products are products they will use, love and buy forever.

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Recent Testimonials

"Lifeshots and Primorye has given me the edge I need to stay focused through the day. As an owner of my company I face many challenges throughout the working day. I take the two shots (Lifeshot and Primorye) every morning like clockwork. I am so good at it now I don't even need to measure the shot amounts anymore .....Great Stuff!!

Customer — 1 year


I like the Mint Mouthrinse because it doesn’t burn and makes my mouth feel clean.

Elizabeth - Chagrin Falls, OH
Customer — 17 years


I have a 7-year-old Maltese (dog) who I've had since she was a puppy. I've been giving her the Pet Oral Hygiene Solution since she moved in with me and we've been so pleased. Every time we're at the vet, he comments about how healthy her mouth is. We have never had to have her teeth professionally cleaned. This product works so well.

Bonnie - Beaver, PA
Customer — 15 years


The All-Purpose Detergent is great not only for laundry but cleaning windows and floors.

Winnifred - Blue Springs, MO
Customer — 13 years

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