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Code Of Ethics

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Oxyfresh Code Of Ethics

Oxyfresh is committed to growing our business in such a way so as to build a community where trust, admiration and respect are the rule of law. As such, we expect that if you join our community, you share our values and agree to conduct your business in accordance with our Code of Ethics.

  1. Educate, sell and promote powerfully. Do so accurately and responsibly. Tell the truth in a positive way.
  2. Make only the same claims for our products and income opportunity that the company makes. Don’t make claims and promises you cannot keep.
  3. Sponsor only those prospects that are your current customers and/or contacts. Encourage those being courted by other Oxyfresh leaders to enroll with them. Never undermine the prospecting efforts of other Oxyfresh leaders.
  4. Send your concerns to Oxyfresh the corporate office, and send your enthusiasm and praise out throughout your ranks.
  5. Leadership is the core profession here. Lead in your performance; in your praise, in your creativity and in your integrity. We call it “Do The Right Thing Leadership.”
  6. Practice the art of integrity. Walk your talk. Take responsibility for your success and setbacks. Be successful. However you define it here, make it happen for yourself. There are a million reasons why not.