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Good health can be elusive, and eating right can be difficult—despite our best intentions. That’s why it's essential to take vitamins. They build a strong foundation for our overall health. To create a premium multivitamin with all the nutrients your body needs for optimal health, including antioxidants, omega fatty acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, we worked with specialized fomulators and developed Foundation Formula. It’s simply the most advanced and premium multivitamin you’ll find anywhere, and it comes in just one daily packet.

5 reasons why premium vitamins should be a part of your day

1. It fills the nutritional voids you aren't getting from food

There's a disturbing trend afoot. According to the National Institute of Health, nearly 70% of Americans are malnourished. This is linked to the fact that we are eating more processed and refined foods than ever before. This removes or destroys essential vitamins and minerals, leaving behind a food rich in calories but low in vitamins and minerals. An alarming new study published in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis reveals that Americans are getting nearly one-third of their calories from junk foods: soft drinks, sweets, desserts, alcoholic beverages, and salty snacks. It explains why obesity is rampant, diabetes is becoming an epidemic, and chronic disease is skyrocketing. We are a nation of people who are simultaneously overfed and malnourished.

2. Supplementing creates consistent
health security

In a perfectly health conscious world, the best way to get our vitamins and nutrients would be from food. Some people are disciplined enough to eat right, but most Americans are consistently unhealthy, consistently eat out and consistently eat nutrient-free food. For most of us, the best way to create health security is to supplement.

3. Supplementing is preventative,
not reactionary

It’s a great “insurance” policy. As the cost of health care continues to skyrocket—expenditures in the United States on health care surpassed $2.7 trillion in 2011, almost three times the $714 billion spent in 1990. Supplementing is a vital way to help protect our health. Nearly every vitamin or nutrient has disease prevention or anti-aging qualities. Antioxidants are crucial in minimizing the oxidative stress to our cells caused by breathing, growing older, stress, toxins, pollutants and even being active. Many of us are not preventative with antioxidants and don't take them everyday. Instead, we are reactionary. When we feel age catching up with us we begin frantically trying to avoid it. We need to change our perspective on health. If we are preventative and supplement with vitamins and nutrients everyday we’ll know we’re doing the right thing when we feel great and the doctor gives us a clean bill of health.

4. The science behind
the supplement

The most common problem in the supplement industry is non-scientific, indigestible supplements. The package says that the supplement contains certain ingredients, but what assurance do we have that those ingredients will absorb into our cells? If supplements of any kind are not scientifically designed to digest at the right time in our small intestines and be properly absorbed into our blood stream, then they are a waste of money. Oxyfresh has done the scientific research to make sure our nutritionals deliver maximum support. We use only the highest quality ingredients to promote vibrant health, resistance to illness and disease, support healthy digestion, and provide antioxidant protection. Most importantly, our supplements are formulated to provide maximum nutrient absorption.

5. Supplement with
complementary products

It’s all about synergy. When you begin your daily regimen of vitamins and nutrients, are you sure you’re not getting too much of one product or not enough of another? If you are taking flaxseed oil in one supplement you don’t need fish oils in another. Also, many nutrients and vitamins need to be paired specifically with digestive enzymes to provide any benefit to the body. Many companies do not put their time and money into the science or the combination of appropriate vitamins and nutrients. They put their time and money into marketing. With Oxyfresh Nutritionals, you are get a complete balance of the nutrients your body needs and can fully utilize. We analyzed exactly what nutrients are lacking from most diets and then formulated our supplements to fill those voids with nutritionals that work synergistically at the cellular level to promote optimum health.

Closing Thoughts

Oxyfresh makes supplementing simple. We've done the research to learn what's missing from most diets and developed the most complete life-enhancing multivitamins and supplements you'll find anywhere. If you commit to only one nutritional habit a day, make it one of Oxyfresh's amazing nutritional supplements.

Keep yourself healthy with Oxyfresh

Complete daily nutrition to increase your energy, stamina and mental clarity, plus antioxidants to promote the health of your heart. 

Formulated with magnesium and twice the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D to significantly enhance your body’s ability to absorb calcium.

Digestive Enzymes contain naturally occurring enzymes essential in digestion, nutrient absorption, elimination of toxins and optimum energy utilization.

At Oxyfresh, we stand behind the superior quality of our health and wellness products with a
30-day guarantee.

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