Taking guesswork out of your health and wellness choices

Decisions, decisions! From the minute we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at night, we're faced with endless choices. While having the freedom to make up our own minds is empowering, it's not always easy—like choosing between Oxyfresh's 60-plus top-notch products. Every product is formulated to the strictest standards of excellence, but how do we choose which product best suits our needs? The good news is we've helped take the guesswork out of the decision making process by offering convenient, prepackaged kits with products that are guaranteed to enhance your health and the well being of everyone in your family.

Three kits that will promote a healthier lifestyle

1. 30-Day Weight Loss Package —
Look great, feel great!

Our 30-day weight loss starter kit is designed to get you started on the right track to achieving your fitness goals. This kit is loaded with all-natural and completely safe products proven to boost energy, burn fat and shrink your appetite with the power of Yerba Maté. It also includes a liquid supplement that turns plain water into a refreshing vitamin enriched beverage, and an internal cleanser that will enhance your digestive system. To fill the missing nutritional pieces in your diet that can occur when you cut back on calories, you also get a premium multi-vitamin.

2. Premium Dental Kits — Confidence starts here!

Our custom designed dental kits are prepackaged in a convenient, high-quality gift bag and include everything you need for long-lasting fresh breath and a confident smile. You get professional grade products that are formulated with Oxygene® to deliver a knockout punch to bad breath while keeping your teeth their whitest. With three full sized kits available, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The common thread? Each kit contains alcohol free, non-staining mouthrinse, low abrasion toothpaste with the natural sweetener Xylitol to fight cavities, and soothing dental gel. You also get our signature breath spray with Xylitol and a tongue cleaner!

3. Home Cleaning Kit — Think green!

Keep cleaning simple with three environmentally friendly cleansers that can replace a cartful of commercial products and save you money! You get super-concentrated all-purpose detergent, nourishing body wash and a powerful all-purpose deodorizer. These versatile products safely neutralize odor-causing compounds on virtually any surface with our exclusive ingredient Oxygene®. While store bought household cleaners contain ingredients that may be toxic, corrosive and flammable, we keep it pure, safe and simple with products that are 100% green. The kit also includes two sprayer bottles and two trigger sprayers!


Great products to put your mind at ease

These weight loss products tap the power of digestive enzymes, essential fibers and thermogenics to boost metabolism naturally.

We have the right kit to help you keep your breath fresh and your smile healthy. 

The Oxyfresh Cleaning Kit includes all the cleansers you need for an ultra-clean home and office.

At Oxyfresh, we stand behind the superior quality of our health and wellness products with a 30-day guarantee.


Closing Thoughts

You won't find a better combination of health, wellness and homecare products anywhere. Whether using one of these kits in your home, in your place of business or on the road, you get safe, unmatched products designed to enhance your total health. You'll discover the best ingredients nature has to offer, coupled with safe science to create the highest quality formulas. With Oxyfresh you'll experience products with a proven 25-year track record for delivering extraordinary results.

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