The Ultimate Odor Fighter: Only Oxyfresh has Oxygene®

Oxygene®, the ultimate Odor-Fighter, is found in Oxyfresh’s revolutionary odor-fighting products and nowhere else!
Odors don’t stand a chance against Oxygene®, the powerful non-toxic odor-eliminator used in Oxyfresh’s line of highly popular products. Oxygene® actually neutralizes the germs that cause odors through a powerful oxidation process. Oxyfresh has earned a 20-year reputation for excellence with unique odor-fighting products that utilize the proprietary Oxygene® formula.

Oxygene® for Fresh, Healthy Breath
Bad breath is more than just a nuisance. It causes embarrassment, discomfort, and problems with self-confidence, jobs, and relationships. It’s so serious that millions of Americans consider bad breath to be their most important concern in social situations. Most so-called breath-freshening products don’t work very well or for very long, and many alcohol-containing mouthwashes actually make the problem much worse.

Oxyfresh’s Dental Care Products with Oxygene® combat bad breath with a completely different approach! Oxygene® doesn’t simply mask bad breath, it eradicates it at the source by oxidizing and neutralizing foul-smelling sulfides created by bacteria in the mouth. Available in pleasant-tasting mouthrinses, toothpastes, and gels for sparkling clean, long-lasting, “kissably fresh” breath you can count on — all day every day.

Oxygene® for Pets
Oxygene® is the most effective remedy for “dog breath” you’ll find! We all love our pets, but the fact is their breath is sometimes downright unpleasant. And more importantly, the microorganisms that cause bad breath and periodontal disease can actually shorten your pet’s lifespan.

Just a capful of Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene Solution with Oxygene® in your pet’s water bowl and your pet will have “up close” fresh breath every day! Oxygene® is also available in a gentle odor-killing ear cleaner and body wash for your pet. Join the thousands of pet lovers and veterinarians who use Oxyfresh pet products with Oxygene® and recommend them to others!

Oxygene® for Home & Personal Care
Wouldn’t you love your home to smell as fresh as the outdoors? Oxyfresh has incorporated Oxygene® into a line of safe, highly-effective household cleaning products used by many families as their ONLY household cleaner. Oxygene® is also available in a concentrated laundry detergent for clothing that smells sunshine-fresh, and in a line of high-quality personal care products such as skin gels and creams for unsurpassed cleanliness.




“My dog, Stryker, had horrible

breath. I was even cleaning

his teeth every three months.

I used Pet Oral Hygiene

Solution with Oxygene®

and it worked! I heard how

Oxygene® actually neutralizes


compounds—believe me, it

does. Now, Stryker has

absolutely no smell coming

from his mouth at all.”

Dawn Nikolaus
Lancaster, Pennsylvania