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You will find products you will love, recommend and use forever.
At Oxyfresh, our commitment to quality resonates throughout our company. This includes everything from our customer service through all our products. We take pride in our quality and passionately guard it.

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Quality Control

Consumers have a mind-boggling amount of choices when they are shopping for nutritional supplements. There are thousands of companies offering products that all look alike. How is a person to choose which products to purchase? How do they know if the product they are purchasing actually contains the ingredients listed on the label? Will the money they are investing go towards their health or will they find themselves wasting money on hype and fancy advertising?

Oxyfresh Nutritional Supplements are manufactured under strict standard operating procedures (SOPs). These SOPs include some of the tightest quality controls found in the nutritional industry. Our raw materials are quarantined upon receipt. A sample of each raw material along with the certificate of analysis is taken immediately to the lab.

In the lab, it is analyzed for full identification and verified for quality. After it is released from quarantine, the ingredient is moved to inventory to await production.

All blending and mixing is conducted in complete clean room environments. Each room receives a full wash down between product batches.

So how do I know what is on the label is actually in your products?

The National Nutrition Foods Association (NNFA) provides Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) certification. The NNFA is a third-party auditor widely known in the food and nutrition industry. They work to assure proper procedures are done every time and SOPs are in place so every batch of products is made correctly and safely. The manufacturing facility for Oxyfresh has received GMP certification from the NNFA.

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has also awarded GMP certification to the facility.

These certifications are not mandatory for manufacturers. Many manufacturers have not applied for the certifications, nor could they pass the audits. Once a facility is awarded the certification, they are randomly audited by both organizations. To hold both of these certifications means the facility runs like a clock and produces premium products.

If you are taking nutritional supplements it is important to know how they are produced. Are the ingredients tested before blending? Do the ingredients match the label? Has proper testing been completed to insure safety? Check to see if your products are made at an NNFA/NSF certified facility. If they are not, maybe a change in your selection will improve your health. We welcome you to explore our incredible nutrition product line. You will find products you will love, recommend and use forever.

Everything we sell is backed by a 100% 30-day money back guarantee.